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Shredding Services - Flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs. 

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Identity and data thieves are more active than ever. A data breach could put your business and it's reputation at risk. It can also land you with a large fine. Can you afford not to make secure document disposal a priority?

Shredding and disposing of shredded materials doesn't need to be difficult. The shredding industry has typically been dominated by large companies with large trucks that travel long distances to collect large quantities of shredding. We have a much simpler approach and here at Ballpoint, we give you options.

Shredding Services

  • We offer a document shredding and recycling service to safely and securely dispose of confidential documents and waste paper.
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act, all documents are double shredded.
  • If your unshredded documents need transportation to the shredding facility we will also provide security seals.
  • We can clear out entire offices or warehouses.
  • No contamination fees for staples, paperclips or plastic wallets.
  • The shredded pulp is then securely recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner. Zero to landfill, 100% of the paper we shred is recycled at UK mills.
  • No hidden fuel or paper surcharges.
  • We supply shredders suitable for offices of any size.
  • We can collect your already shredded materials and transport to UK mills for recycling.


Flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs. 

Off-site business shredding

  • We offer an off-site shredding service so you do not need to leave space for a van to park up. Confidential data is transported from your office for shredding at one of our high security depots.
  • We can supply consoles, sacks and security seals which can be shredded off-site by fully screened and accredited TSA members. Once shredded we can offer a full audit trail of your waste including a certificate of destruction.
  • We can supply shredding bags to be delivered or install office consoles.
  • We offer a volume based service where we can collect your in-house shredded materials and transport to UK mills for recycling.
  • We can provide large one-off or a volume based regular collection service.

On-site business shredding

  • We offer an on-site shredding service where accredited TSA member, fully vetted staff, will oversee the safe disposal of your confidential data and if required, you can arrange to witness the destruction in a purpose built shredding vehicle on site. 
  • For businesses with regular needs for data disposal, lockable containment solutions are available to hold documents and media securely between scheduled collections. 
  • Once your documents and media have been shredded, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued and you can rest assured that everything collected is recycled in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines.


Flexible collection times - Adhoc collections - No regular collection required - No fixed term contract.

  • We can collect at a time and place that suits you and there is no fixed term contract.
  • We can help with one-off shredding services and adhoc collections. You can book our shredding service whenever you require it.
  • This ad-hoc service is particularly helpful for needs such as office moves or occasional office clear-outs.
  • You can request shredding collection or see our Off-Site shredding service.
  • Inform us when you are need of a collection and we will arrange for our uniformed Driver to arrive at your business premises to collect your shredded materials.
  • A Certificate of Destruction can be supplied confirming all material has been collected and destroyed.

Should we shred documents in-house or outsource the service?

BOTH! We can arrange to collect your already shredded materials if you would rather do it yourself, do a mass clearance or we can arrange a regular collection. By letting us arrange your Mobile Security Shredding Service we do the shredding for you, bale and recycle. Either way, ensuring that your shredded paper is processed back into products, such as kitchen towels, paper or tissues.

We can also supply shredders suitable for offices of any size. From home office to large heavy duty machines. Many of the machines we supply can also cope with staples, paperclips, bank cards and discs. If you choose to do your own, we can identify the perfect shredder or option to meet your needs. We also supply shredder maintenance items.

Click here to contact us or call 01293 433330 to discuss services and for an immediate quotation.

Shredding Services